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Building Sustainable Value

Goals: APN is growth story junior mining company focusing on acquiring and developing a portfolio of near term/cash flowing assets and exploration projects of significant scale in copper, gold and silver.

Revenue Generator Model: Production assets generate cash to be used for re-investment into acquisitions, expansions, building of mills and expanding resources of large-scale exploration projects. Our goal to provide investors exposure to cash flowing assets while generating blue sky upside on exploration projects.

In Production - Farellon (Cu-Au) Chile, to be supported by a processing plant currently under construction. Farellon has been cash positive for 8 straight quarters.

In Development: Maria Luisa (Au-Cu) and Rosario (Cu-Au) in Chile; and San Pedro a high-quality scalable gold exploration project in Nicaragua.

Growth: Several acquisition opportunities are under review with a short term goal to have a portfolio of three cash flowing assets and two quality exploration projects.

Value Driven: APN’s is part of the Metals Group of Companies, a dynamic group of resource sector professionals with a long track record of success in evaluating and advancing mining projects

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